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Hearing Study

hearing study

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To qualify, participants should be:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Experiencing some degree of hearing difficulty

  • Less than 100% satisfied with previous hearing aids (prior hearing instrument use not required)

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Dr.Tiffany Pfleger and Dr. Leanne Fletcher have been studying hearing loss and working with the hearing impaired for over 20 years. In order to assure that they are providing the best technology to their patients, Dr. Pfleger and Dr. Fletcher are conducting a study to evaluate patient satisfaction with their newest hearing aid technology, the Oticon Opn™, in a variety of listening situations.  



Participation is limited to 20-30 respondents, so please call 508-539-9780 or email us to reserve your spot today.

Participants will receive a comprehensive, no-cost hearing evaluation, a 30-day at home trial with new digital technology, and be asked to complete a short pre- and post- assessment of their experience.  At the end of the study, participants will be given the opportunity to purchase the study devices at a significant discount.




Open up your world, with new hearing technology.

When you have hearing loss, it's hard to follow conversations – especially when you're in a complex listening environment, such as a dinner gathering. This is because fewer sounds reach your brain. Even though your brain works hard to keep up, the conversation often moves on, leaving you behind. 

Thanks to groundbreaking BrainHearing™ technology, you can now access all of the sounds around you. When your hearing device work in harmony with your brain, you can focus on what's important – resulting in a better, more natural hearing experience.

You can provide feedback about this exciting new hearing technology and your listening experience! Participants may be evaluated in either of our locations (Dennis or Mashpee). 

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